You might love the smell, and you might know others that hate it. We can all agree though that weed stinks. So what’s the best way to make sure that others aren’t smelling your sweet smelling buds?

Keeping it under wraps


Aside from loose lips, the odor leaking out of a poorly filtered grow room is the biggest factor in people getting busted. The top 3 reasons for a smell leaking are:

1. Your vent fan lacks vacuum

Fans are used to create airflow in your grow room, aiding in strong stems and preventing pests and mold from taking hold. However, if you have more intake to your room than your exhaust system can pull out through the filter, the air is going to escape somewhere else. The leak will come out either through your intake fan, your door to the grow, or a leak in the room, such as cracks or seams.

How to check for it

You can easily check for a lack of vacuum by cracking your door very slightly and holding a thread next to the crack, if it doesn’t pull into the room, then you have a lack of vacuum. Now, put a loose thread next to any openings in your room. If they show air coming out, then plug the leak. You can also check this by using a smoke bomb, which is easier to visualize, but especially with colored ones, there might be cleanup necessary.

2. The wrong size filter

Especially in the case of grows larger than one or two plants, you will need active filtration in your exhaust line. If an odor is still coming out of your exhaust, then you may have a filter that can’t handle the amount of airflow your fan is sucking out. If that is the case, then it will force the air through faster than the carbon can filter it.

How to fix it

A good idea is to upgrade to a filter designed to handle 20% more than your exhaust fan puts out. Then you can easily handle as much funk as your fan can pump out. You might also want to make sure that both the fan and filter are adequate for the size of the room you have. Calculate the cubic space in your room and make sure your fan and filter are rated to move well more than that.

3. Exhaust leaks

Most exhaust systems that you will install will have at least some aluminum tubing, especially the flexible kind to curve around corners. It is easy for these sections to get small holes or cracks, even before you purchase it. The installation process can increase the risk of this happening. Even a single small leak could lead to a powerful odor escaping.

Take extra care in purchase and installation

If you have made sure that the parts had no holes prior to purchase or installation, then it might be as simple as a loose clamp connecting two parts. Double check all your connections, and if you have a poor fit, either tighten it or seal it with an adhesive.

Products that will help minimize smell

Sometimes, you will need a boost to your odor-blocking arsenal, especially if your plants are pushing maximum density in your limited space. Here are some products that can keep it in check.

  1. Ona products: There are gels, blocks, and sprays, all designed to knock out the smells of sewage, so rest assured that they will handle the smell of cannabis without a problem. In fact, it is not wise to use them inside the room while plants are flowering, as they can mess with the aroma of the plants you have worked so hard to produce. They are, however, an excellent idea for just outside your room.
  2. The Neutralizer: Using essential oils, this machine works like a plug in, emitting vaporized oil that absorbs the unwanted smells, and replacing them with a pleasant, non-incriminating fragrance. They can last for weeks, so consider this air freshener as a worthy investment.
  3. Vaportronic: This device uses discs containing Neutrox Gama, and allows you to customize the time it operates up to five discs.

Masking agents such as regular air fresheners, perfumes, and incense only work for minor smells, and on a very limited time frame. It also takes constant monitoring and application to make sure they haven’t dissipated. In the end, they can bring more attention to the neon assault on the nose from their presence, only to reveal the truth they so poorly hide just beneath the surface.