We all love sparking up a joint or a bong, but we don’t regularly pay much attention to the fact that every time we do, we’re starting a small fire. We probably should pay attention to it, because every time you do, you’re possibly damaging your health.

The majority of us use butane lighters to light up our bowls, but these lighters are combusting butane right over the thing we’re about to breathe in. You don’t want to breathe that stuff in over time, so using a hemp wick might be your best bet.

Need convincing? Check out this slow motion video of a butane lighter sparking up. You want that in your lungs?

Butane is pretty safe to use, but the product testing probably doesn’t take much notive of lighting up bongs or bowls.

According to Wikipedia, inhaling butane can cause a whole host of adverse effects, from drowsiness and narcosis to asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, fluctuations in blood pressure, temporary memory loss and even frostbite.

Hemp wick is a hemp string that is usually bought as a ball, you can light the end as its covered in beeswax and it will product a nice, safe for consumption flame than your classic butane lighter.

You can even wrap it around your lighter, so you can spark up, then wait for the wick to catch fire, and use the flame from the wick instead. Much healthier. It’s also a lower temperature flame, which is actually better because it doesn’t burn the weed before all the decarboxylation that is necessary for us to get high has taken place.
Smoke healthier – Use hemp wick!