Donald Trump divides opinion, he has very strong views on immigration and whether America still needs to be the world’s police, but what some people are missing, is that he might be America’s best chance for legalization.

Of those who might run against Trump for the presidency, namely: Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, only Bernie Sanders has mentioned legalization as part of his platform. Sanders might fall to Hilary though, so what do we know about Trump’s stance on marijuana?

Trump has reportedly said that ‘drug laws are a joke’ in the US and that legalization is ‘the best way to take profit away from these drug tsars’.

Here Trump says that medicinal marijuana is fine, which is much further than any of his opponents at this time. Some pundits have said that it is likely he views recreational marijuana in the same way, but needs to appeal to the republican base before making any changes.

Hilary Clinton, possibly the best bet for his opponent for the presidency, has repeatedly stated she would keep marijuana illegal. 

Regardless of who wins in November, legalization marches on throughout the US and the rest of the world, and although not inevitable, does seem to finally be taking breaths above the waterline.