A survey from Quinnipac University has shown that legalizing cannabis is more popular than any of the presidential candidates in three of the most important swing states. 

Legalization support is at 57% of voters in Pennsylvania, 56% in Florida and 52% in Ohio. Hillary Clinton has 37% support in Pennsylvania and Florida and only 34% in Ohio. Donald Trump has 39% in Pennsylvania, 37% in Florida and 36% in Ohio.

Bernie Sanders comes to close with 50% of support in PA, 45% in OH and 43% in FL.

When it comes to medical marijuana, support for legalization is even higher, with 80% of Florida voters in support and a huge 90% of Ohioans approving of it.

When it comes to reform, Independents and Democrats are leading the charge on legal marijuana.

In Pennsylvania, 67 percent of Democrats, 61 percent of Independents and 41 percent of Republicans supported legalization. In Florida, those numbers were 63 percent for Democrats, 65 percent for Independents and 40 percent for Republicans supported legalization. In Ohio, 67 percent of Democrats, 57 percent of Independents and 30 percent of Republicans supported marijuana reform.