Legal marijuana is becoming huge business these days, with sales up into the billions of dollars in the recreational market alone. 

To give you an idea of just how big an industry weed is becoming in the US, we can compare it to some of our favourite foods. To begin with, know that marijuana had 3.4 billion dollars in sales last year.

Marijuana outsells

That means that it outsold drinks giant Dasani, DiGiornio pizzas and Girl Scout Cookies, not to mention Oreos and the rest.

Girl Scout Cookies were huge last year, with Americans spending 776 million dollars on them, but it’s still only a fifth of the amount people are spending on legal marijuana.

So next time you’re trying to remember just how big marijuana has got, remember that  all the Girl Scout Cookies in the world would only pay for one in every 5 americans to buy the legal weed they want to.