Vermont could very well be the next state in the U.S to legalize marijuana, and it will be a pretty big deal, not just for people looking forward to a legal smoke.

If Vermont does legalize, it will be the first to have done it purely through the normal political process of drafting a law by politicians, rather than through a popular vote or ballot by residents.

The current bill would allow those aged 21 years and older to purchase and use cannabis. Edibles would be banned however, and people would not be able to grow their own at home.

It also includes a 25% tax too, with the money funneled towards drug education and drug law enforcement. If the bill passes, we could see legal marijuana in 2018 for Vermont.

Vermont’s Governor, Peter Shumlin, has been very open about his support of legalizing marijuana.

The bill has been approved by the state senate and now makes its way to the state house of representatives.