Cold War Organics (CWO) began when two guys (one from the USA and the other from the USSR) developed a friendship, sharing stories of growing up during the Cold War (last century’s). The similarities in spirit between the ‘two sides’ were remarkable and funny, and—détente—a partnership was born.

With over 37 years of combined experience in organic agriculture and natural plant nutrition, Paul and Slava decided it was time to take action and focus on just one very important plant.

Cold War Organics produces a line of NOP1 compliant, water soluble/suspendable powders specifically formulated for cannabis crops. These products provide everything growers need to produce healthy, organic, Clean Green Certified™ cannabis. The insoluble ingredients are finely ground and are compatible with bioponic, fertigation, and drip irrigation systems. Moreover, CWO wettable powders are light and significantly less expensive to ship compared with liquids. Unlike chemical fertilizers, these organic products feed the plant’s root-zone biology that is essential for its health and stress resilience. Weaker plants cannot reach their genetic potential. Each CWO product has gone through vigorous field and indoor testing on many different strains and grows happy, healthy, and very strong cannabis.

Paul and Slava work, play, and fight in Vermont’s upper valley.

1The National Organic Program (NOP) does not certify cannabis as organically grown but CWO products are compliant for use on certified organic farms.

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