Afghanistan is where we start our world tour on the history of Cannabis, providing an insight into how different countries and cultures view the plant and how it has changed through the centuries.

Afghanistan is a country made up primarily of tribal groups in central Asia. It’s the world’s top producer of Hashish along with Morocco. It is a centuries old industry, largely left alone by the authorities in charge because of the desolate and independent nature of the communities which produced it. It was legal until the 197-s when drug tourism prompted the King to ban both cannabis and opium.

Islam is a fundamental part of a large proportion of Afghani\s lives, but afghans have always tended to have their own way of looking at the rules of the world. Tribal traditions relating to cannabis predate Islam by many centuries and often are at odds with the rules Islam would have in place.

Today, hashish is still extremely popular with afghans and the wider world, with it being reported that even serving Afghani soldiers will smoke while on patrol, much to the annoyance of their foreign allies.