Police in Spain have shown off the hundreds of marijauna plants they found in an empty hotel in the Mediterranean. Hundreds doesn’t sound like a lot, but almost every single floor of the hotel was covered in plants.

The officers found the plants in a hotel in the town of Pineda de Mar, about 40 miles to the north of Barcelona on Wednesday. They found the stash of plants in all stages of growth covering 3 entire floors of the hotel.

“The group was preparing other rooms on other floors to increase the area of cultivation”

Spanish Police arrested  arrested two Russian women, ages 27 and 40, and two Spanish men, aged 34 and 63, from the close by towns of Blanes and Lloret de Mar. The officers were tipped off my locals who apparently could smell the building hundreds of meters away.

The raid pulled in almost 2,500 plants with an estimated value of about $65,000.

“I don’t think that this involved an influential criminal organization, but was a group of friends who built their own little business in this hotel”