Sour Diesel under the scope
66%Overall Score
Euphoria 85%
Uplifting 70%
Dry Mouth89%
Dry eyes58%
Reader Rating 2 Votes

We all know the name, it’s been a mainstay of top shelf bud for a while now, but what makes Sour Diesel one of the family favourites?

Sour Diesel is a vigorous sativa named after its incredibly strong smell, almost like diesel. It’s an energetic, hard hitting high with a cerebral note that takes it from something average to very special. It’s currently pushed out by a number of geneticists and seed suppliers across the world, who have their own variations of the active smoker’s choice.

It’s ability to target stress, pain and depression long after the session is over makes it a top choice among medical patients too. Chem Dog was the initial breeder back in the 90s, and it is thought to come from cross breeding Chemdawg, Northern Lights and a Skunk Phenotype (‘Skunk’ back in the day use to throw out almost a different strain every time you grew it)


Due to the flavinoids inside Sour Diesel, you’re looking at three main compontents. An acrid pungency, diesel and Earth. These combine for a hard hitting smoke that keeps you coming back for more.

Sour Diesel comes in at at a hard hitting 21-24% THC and a low level of CBD at about 0.1% – 0.3%.

Negatives? Dry mouth and Dry eyes are user’s biggest complaints about Sour Diesel.

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