If you’ve made it this far, you’re clearly asking yourself the question: Does Ben Affleck smoke weed? There’s no doubt Ben Affleck seems like a pretty chill dude, so it’s fair to wonder whether or not he is, in fact, a regular smoker. While it’s unlikely his on-screen alias of Batman doesn’t partake in such a delicacy, the same could certainly not be said for Affleck. We’re here to find out the truth once and for all.

 Who is Ben Affleck?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple decades, you probably know who the 44-year-old actor/director/filmmaker is. He had early television and film roles in the early 90’s but really burst onto the scene in the mid 90’s. In 1995 he appeared in college drama Glory Daze and Kevin Smith’s Mallrats, but it wasn’t until his role in Chasing Amy where Affleck received a lead role. His most critically acclaimed movie in his young career wasn’t until Good Will Hunting, which he co-wrote and starred in with buddy Matt Damon and the late Robin Williams. 

Affleck found success as a leading man in Hollywood in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, before coming to a career crossroads. He was subject to several box-office bombs, particularly in 2003 when he starred in superhero flick Daredevil as the title character, and with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez in Gigli.

 Affleck later re-imagined his image as a director, making his directorial debut with the 2007 film Gone Baby Gone. In 2012, he won his first Academy Award as the director of the film Argo.

Currently, Affleck is rumored to be signed on to play Batman in five DC films. However, it has been reported that Affleck may not see the life of his contract.

Puff or Pass?

So, does Ben Affleck smoke weed?

 Let’s look at some of the details. First off, he’s a hardcore Democrat. Once could say that strengthens the argument that Affleck does, in fact, smoke weed, or at the very least supports OTHER people smoking weed. Democrats are known to be in favor of the legalization of cannabis. They’ve also been staunch supporters of downgrading it in the Controlled Substance Act.

Affleck is also good friends with Kevin Smith, who’s one of the most notorious weed-smokers in Hollywood. His best friend is Matt Damon, who has also admitted to cannabis use.

Coincidence? Maybe, actually.

 Despite his status as a Democrat (and friendship with Smith), there’s not much evidence that supports Affleck as a consistent weed-user. If he does smoke he’s good at keeping it on the low.

Does Ben Affleck Smoke Weed?

Now it’s time to come down to the final conclusion. Does Ben Affleck actually smoke weed? Despite the clues that support being a cannabis-user, he’s on record saying he’s not a regular user.

The last time Affleck spoke about potential cannabis use was in 1999. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t smoke it, so I don’t really care that much,” said Affleck in an online chat to his fans. “If it were legalized it would probably raise some money for the state and federal governments, instead of it all going to growers in Humboldt county or wherever, and probably would be less enticing, ironically, because it wouldn’t be taboo. I think it should certainly be made readily available to folks for whom there is a legitimate medicinal need. To not do that is absurd bio-chemical puritanism.”

 Well there you have it, Affleck doesn’t smoke weed. Or at least, he didn’t in 1999. But he did support the legalization of it, for medicinal purposes of course.

But admitting to cannabis use was borderline taboo almost 20 years ago, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he did toke up on the low. Unfortunately, there’s no way of proving that so we’re gonna have to go with a hard MAYBE on this one. However, research proves it’s a no.

Original article via GreenRushDaily