Border patrol officers working on the Mexico-US border discovered over 1,400 pounds of marijuana hidden inside a huge shipment of coconuts. 

The cannabis was found at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility in Texas.

A tractor trailer that was filled with fresh coconuts was X-rayed for a “a non-intrusive imaging inspection.”, after which, drug dogs were used to find the cannabis.

At the end of the day, US Customs Officers had found 2,500 individual coconuts stuffed with marijuana.

The US. Customs and Border Protection office claimed the seized cannabis was worth almost $300,000.

They currently don’t know where the shipment came from or where it was headed.

It’s not the first time smugglers have hidden their stash inside shipments of fruits and vegetables. In March 766 pounds of weed was found disguised inside a shipment of broccoli. 

Overall smuggling of cannabis from Mexico to the US was found to be the lowest for a decade in 2015, likely due to the legal recreational market taking hold in some states, causing lower demand for imported weed.