The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is pushing hard to set down the regulations for growing, possession and retailing of recreational marijuana and plans to issue licenses to hundreds of businesses within months. 

The commission Chair Rob Patridge says that they are trying to make sure everyone is accommodated for.

The first recreational licenses were released on May 2 to 8 businesses and is currently processing over 1,500 applications.

The revenue department in Oregon processed over 10 million dollars worth of marijuana tax payments through to the end of April, far more than was expected. The estimated net of revenue from tax from the sale o f recreational marijuana is around $35 million.

Oregon’s revenue department processed $10.5 million in marijuana tax payments through April 29 – far more than expected. The Legislative Revenue Office then increased its estimate of net tax revenues from recreational marijuana from $8.4 million to $35 million through June 30, 2017.