As is the case with many cultures centered around outdoor play, weed sometimes, once in a while, every now and again, has a tendency to show up on certain occasions within them. Like that waft you catch in the lift line once in a while or the aroma moving steadily down the beach with the afternoon wind. It’s out there. And in a few states, it’s perfectly legal.

That might be one reason an Oregon raft company is now centering its business on the plant, providing rafting clients the opportunity to get really high, and run whitewater. With a genius tag line for its trips, Weed Country Adventures (that’s seriously the name of the outfitter) is offering, “Going Rogue” outings (coincidentally, Weed Country operates on the Rogue River, a beautiful stretch of water in southern Oregon that allows for both day trips and overnighters). “We take care of everything,” says the company’s website. “Best whitewater rafting, water, Southern Oregon’s best Cannabis (Shuttle drivers do not imbibe for your safety). If you Juana, you wanna.”

It’s all legal but rafters can’t legally hold a paddle in their hands if they’re stoned so owner Mike Boutin operates an oar rig to guide his clients through the Rogue’s trippy currents, bra. “People who choose marijuana over alcohol still want to use their substance of choice to enhance their experience,” adds Boutin, who’s been guiding on the Rogue since 1989.

The group takes timeouts for smoke breaks on private land and the trips are for those 21 and older.

Original Article via TheInertia