You may remember the video that saw police officers raiding a marijuana dispensary in California, only to be caught on camera stealing the edibles and damaging surveillance cameras.

Now, three Santa Ana police officers have been charged with misdemeanor petty theft and one has been charged with vandalism.

Brandon Matthew Sontag, Nicol Lynn Quijas and Jorge Arroyo were charged with petty theft. All are officers with the Santa Ana Police Department. Sontag was also charged with vandalism for smashing the lenses of the dispensary’s security cameras.

The officers were caught serving a search warrant on Sky High Holistic marijuana dispensary on May 26 2015, after suspicion that it was operating without permits.

Prosecutors have said that the officers regularly entered the break room of the dispensary and stole cookies and protein bars, though none of these contained marijuana.

The officers began the raid by disabling 16 camera, but missed 4 others, catching the crime taking place. According to officials, disabling the cameras is standard procedure to ensure ‘officer safety’.