Vapes are great, most of them can handle anything from bud to concentrates, but they also have some drawbacks.

They often malfunction and you have to make sure that it’s calibrated for what you want to vape. Malfunctions cause harsh hits and wastes your stash.

It’s often not possible to have any control over the temperature, or how much weed you want to puff at a time, that’s where the Firefly 2 vape comes in.

The firefly 2 is tied to an app that lets you control the amount you’re taking in, as well as controlling the temperature to ensure you’re getting the best out of your vaping session.

In fact, the app is so personalized, that everyone in your smoke session can set their ideal amount, ensuring the perfect buzz for each individual. The app even knows if you’re vaping left-handed or right-handed.

Six settings from low, for flowers, to high for oils and waxes, means you’re always doing things properly, and getting the most from your high.

Unfortunately, the Firefly 2 is so popular that you’ll have to wait until May to get yours as the manufacturers have completely sold out of the first production run.