Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in modern times, at any point, someone in your close personal circle is probably suffering from it. Often, it could even be you. 

Marijuana is however, a fantastic and safe alternative to medical prescriptions that may or may not have an effect. Often over the counter and prescription drugs have side effects, and they often take a long time to work.

Endocannibinoids are chemicals that affect your mood, emotions and behaviour, they are naturally present in your brain and made by your body. When you ingest THC, through smoking, eating or a topical application, the THC can affect the same receptors as the natural endocannabinoids and have the same positive effect on your mood.

These chemical changes can help you fight off depression, combined with things like cognitive behavioural therapy and regular exercise.

It can make a welcome alternative to the side affects that people often associate with prescription medicines.

Research has shown those who use marijuana once or more weekly have reported fewer episodes of depression than those who are not using marijuana. Cannabis has been shown to elevate overall mood, relieve stress and decrease anxiety.

Chronic stress and anxiety can often lead to long-term depression, but cannabis can decrease stress and relieve anxiety, thus preventing the risk of depression.

People with depression are often fighting their own thoughts, which cause them to be unproductive and negative. THC can help release dopamine, which can fight the cycle of negative thoughts.

Of course, we always recommend seeing a doctor about any mental illness, but it is possible that cannabis could also help treat your depression in a more natural way.