If you’re working towards a goal like legalizing marijuana, then its important to know who the enemy is and how they fight back. Here we take you through the US’s 5 most prominent prohibitionists. 

Gov. Rick Scott

Rick Scott

The governor of Florida hit the news when he tried to force drug tests onto welfare recipients in 2010. He said “If you go apply for a job today, you are generally going to be drug tested. The people that are working are paying the taxes for people on welfare. Shouldn’t the welfare people be held to the same standard?”. The testing plan was later ruled unconstitutional. Unlucky Scott.

Michele Leonhart

Michele Leonhart

You’ve probably seen a video before of Michele Leonhart unable to answer a congressman’s questions about whether she understood that cannabis was less harmful than heroin. If you’ve not seen it, check this video out. What makes it extremely worrying is that she was the administrator of the DEA at the time.

David Frum


David Frum is a ‘journalist’ and has worked for the Daily Beast and CNN. Frum doesn’t believe that Americans should be able to decide for themselves on marijuana policy. He also regularly posts anti-marijuana tweets on his 100,000 follower twitter account.

Calvina L. Fay

Calvina Fay

Fay is the Executive Director of Save Our Society From Drugs and Drug Free America Foundation. Both organisations are scaremongers who use frightening language about children to fight legalization. She once described dispensaries as “criminal enterprises, making millions and operating under the guise of non-profit businesses,” and which pose “a severe threat to our communities, just like pill mills. Pot shops may be worse because they are frequently run by criminals.”

Paul Chabot

paul chabot

Chabot was a former drug advisor to both the Clinton and Bush administrations, and was first in line to defend the marijuana policies that made millions of otherwise law abiding American citizens into criminals. When asked why we keep marijuana illegal, Chabot responded: “Why do we keep heroin, LSD, prostitution, child pornography illegal?”