Kettleman’s Bagels are looking at expanding their product range!

Could you one day be adding a half dozen bud bagels and some “herb” cream cheese to your Kettleman’s order?

“We are interested in your thoughts on this for bagels,” reads a post added to the local business’s Facebook page on Friday, linking to an article about cannabis being declared kosher. “Please let us know if you’d buy bagels if this became legal.”

“We are interested in what people’s thoughts are,” continues the message. “Many businesses in Colorado are incorporating marijuana into some of their food and drink. We just wanted to see people’s opinions. We are a long way from deciding if we would ever use it.”

Most of the feedback through Facebook is positive, though some people expressed concerns about how the shop would control the potency and how Kettleman’s would ID customers.

THC-infused “edibles” – from chocolates to restaurant meals – have become big business in areas where marijuana has been legalized. Weed-infused lox, already a natural bagel pairing, already exists.

Other commenters suggested cannabis-infused spreads like cream cheese or butter that could be put on the bagels, instead of baked in.

Original Article via MetroNews