For many years: It was rumoured that mangoes and marijuana go hand in hand, that drinking mango juice could get you higher from the same weed. So how true is it?

Well, it’s actually pretty true.

You see, mangos contain terpenes, these are compounds that provide flavour and smell and are found in all walks of life. They’re the compound that makes pine sap smell as great as it does, but it’s also found inside marijuana too, and gives your favourite strains their distinctive smell.

Terpenes help psychoactive substances such as THC to cross the Blood Brain Barrier, which increases THC’s effect on the brain and helps you get higher. If you eat a mango about 1 hour before smoking, or even just a glass of mango juice, then you can make your high go a lot further because of this effect.

So, now you know, next time, before you spark up, go get a mango!