A new survey released by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has said that 61% of people in the US now support legalization of recreational marijuana. 

This survey was also a bit different though, because it showed what type of support legalization had, and from whom, by asking follow up questions.

24% of Americans that support legalization said it should be only for medical use with a prescription.

While 43% said there should be a limit on the amount someone is allowed to purchase.

1/3 of people questioned thought there should be no restrictions on the amount purchased.

Interestingly, a large age gap has appeared when it comes to legalization, 82% of Americans aged 18-29 support legalization, while that number drops to 44% of those people aged over 60.


“This is yet another demonstration of just how ready Americans are for the end of marijuana prohibition,” said Tom Angell of the Marijuana Majority, a marijuana reform group.

“The growing level of support for legalization that we see in poll after poll is exactly why we’re now in a situation — for the first time in history — where every major presidential candidate in both parties has pledged to let states set their own marijuana laws without federal interference.”

As 60% of the US looks to legalize marijuana, perhaps we have now reached the tipping point for a swathe of legalization to come.