Whilst the people of Las Vegas are well known for their open-mindedness as well as being accepting to a whole range of beliefs and attitudes, there are still certain situations where certain behaviours are expected, and when you are in a marijuana dispensary, this is one of those situations.

Marijuana dispensaries are generally nice places to be, and this is partly due to the behaviour of those who are inside. That, coupled with the need for certain rules and security laws, means that marijuana dispensaries are generally places which are pleasant and tranquil.

So, what is the etiquette expected from those who are planning a visit to a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas?

  • Know how much your budget is and have some sort of idea of what you are hoping to spend it on. By all means, ask for advice when you are there but try to go with a general idea of what you want and how much.
  • Make sure that you take current and up to date ID to ensure that you are both allowed in and allowed to buy. Don’t quibble when you are asked to show your ID – it is a requirement that everybody has to go through.
  • Get educated and learn everything you can about cannabis, so that to escape any misconception you may have about medical marijuana.
  • Paying by cash makes the whole process much easier for the dispensary. Rules regarding the processing of credit cards make it difficult and expensive still for businesses who sell products which are derived from cannabis, so make it easier (and more cost effective) for them by paying in cash.
  • Don’t use your cell phone whilst you are inside. Whilst security rules stipulate that you cannot take photos inside the shop, it is also bad manners, and, frankly unnecessary to be talking or texting at the time you are inside.
  • While it is normal to be curious – especially the first time that you go into a marijuana dispensary – and of course you will be keen to get the right product, try not to take up too much time asking too many questions, especially if there is a long queue. Be aware of other people in the shop and try not to cut too much into their time.
  • The price of marijuana in a dispensary is closely tracked and monitored so don’t insult the sales people by trying to haggle down prices. You`re not on the street corner, you’re in a dispensary so respect the prices.
  • Don’t consume your weed on the dispensary property. Go home and enjoy it there.

Don’t take your marijuana back to the dispensary having smoked some. There are strict rules about packaging and quantities meaning that you cannot bring it back.

Article contributed by Sandra Robinson on behalf of Essence Vegas