People in Colorado are well known to be able to get marijuana with a THC percentage above 16, either from potent high grade bud or extracts that can easily hit 60% THC. Now, a new initiative threatens the status quo by pushing forward legislation that would cap THC content at 16% but is it constitutional?

The initiative still has to go through hearings and collect another 98,000 signatures from voters in Colorado, so we’re not¬†that worried just yet. The initiative would not only limit people to 16% THC, but also require labels identifying how potent the weed is (not necessarily a bad thing) and any possible health risks.

Mark Slough is CEO of iCOmply, a marijuana industry compliance network. He considers the THC limit ‘unconstitutional’ and that a cap would send people back to the black market, where they could still get high potency pot. Many manufacturers could be wiped out and edibles would be on the radar for the ban.

Perhaps we could trust people the same way we do with alcohol, to know what their limit is. Perhaps first time buyers from a dispensary could be asked to take a 10mg edible to show where their high is. Perhaps parents could talk to their sons and daughters about the effects of high potency cannabis, rather than expecting the state to do their parenting for them. Perhaps.