Introverts are people who tend to ‘regenerate’ and find peace away from other people. They tend to prefer solitude to expending energy doing the activities that extroverts do such as spending time with people in social situations. 

Unfortunately sometimes introverts have to fit in a world that tends to run in a fast paced way with lots of other people, thus, some introverted people find that cannabis can help them with the energy loss that comes along with modern society.

Using high energy sativa hybrid strains, with high THC levels can help some people feel alert and energised. Such strains like Sour Diesel have been bred for just this type of activity.

It is said that people who are lacking in dopamine can tend to be introverted. dopamine is a hormone that the brain uses to create a reward system. Things that make you happy are rewarded by releasing dopamine into the brain. As introverts don’t release this hormone is as large amounts they don’t get as much joy from large parties.

Introverted smokers are best using strains that can ease social anxiety such as OG Kush. By delaying the mechanism that causes a classic bodily response to fear, OG Kush means introverts can function as people might need them to.

People tell introverts to ‘come out of their shell’, but by using the right strain of cannabis, this can really be helped.