This retired police officer gives a great run down of the importance of finding a good place to hide your cannabis in your car. He highlights the key sweeps that most officers will perform and gives tips to avoid getting charged with possession. The tips about K9 drug sniffers are also valuable, and they provide a good framework to finding the perfect stash spot. Check out the video below.

It’s all about getting creative

As mentioned at the end of the video, Barry Cooper stresses to be as creative as possible when it comes to finding a good hiding place in your car. You know your vehicle better than anyone else, so use that knowledge to come up with the most stealthy stash place possible.

Whether you construct a trap door, modify your cup holders, or unstitch your seats, just make sure to follow Cooper’s tips about the common drug sweep, as well as the advice about tendencies of drug-sniffing dogs.

Something I’d never even thought of before was swallowing your joint. If you are in a dire situation where the only options are to get charged with possession or instantly make your cannabis disappear, then eating your stash could be a life saver.

Remember that raw weed cannot get you high, and it will simply pass through you. The police cannot charge you for smelling like cannabis, and if the joint is getting demolished by acid in your stomach, you technically aren’t in possession of anything.