Hemp is fantastic. It’s strong and versatile. It’s so strong actually, that you can build bricks out of it and where you have bricks, you have buildings. 

Hempcrete is a concrete made of cannabis. It takes fibres from industrial cannabis and mixes it with limestone to create a tough, durable substance that is an alternative to traditional concrete. It’s also a great thermal insulator, making it fire resistant.

If you build a wall from hempcrete, they breathe, allowing moisture in and out to regulate humidity, this helps keep temperature fluctuations down and saves on air conditioning.

As hempcrete cures over the years (both concrete and hempcrete take years to fully cure and dry, though they’re often solid enough to build with the day after they’re made), it improves the air you breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide.

So, if you think you might be building a house any time soon, it might be worth thinking about hempcrete.