Girl Scout Cookies under the scope
81%Overall Score

Girl Scout Cookies is a name that reflects something incredibly popular, and GSC lives up to the name.

The product of an OG Kush and Durban Poison cross, it couldn’t be kept on the west coast for long. A hugely cerebral high with full relaxation effects, this strain will basically send you to space, and you’re going to enjoy the ride. It doesn’t take much either, the THC content can go as high as 28%, so be careful.

A winner of multiple cannabis cups, the strain is now a staple of dispensaries everywhere. There are several phenotypes however, so you might see some variation, but if you’re lucky you’ll see helix calyxes shadowed by purple foliage and bright orange hairs. A 9-10 week flowering time makes it an acceptable home-grown crop too.

Drawbacks? Paranoia can result of this exceptionally heady strain, be careful spaceman.

Taste? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly taste of cookies, but it does have delicious flavours of sweet and earthy notes, and it’s smell is pungent enough to let you know it’s right up there.

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