The florida senate has approved a house bill that would allow patients with terminal conditions to use medical marijuana.

Gov. Scott has 7 days to sign the bill. Most of the bill revolves around fixing issues that came up with the previous Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act that was signed into law in May 2014. Potential recipients of medical marijuana have been prevented from accessing medicine so far due to legal challenges.

“Today was an important step to take back control of the situation and get it into the hands of families as soon as possible,” said Sen. Rob Bradley, who has been the bill’s main supporter in the Senate.

The bill allows 5 dispensing organizations to continue providing non smokable marijuana to those in need. Two will possibly have marijuana available by late summer.

It also ensures that once the patient registry reaches 250,000 an additional three licenses will be made available, one of which will be designated for black farmers.

The bill also addresses labeling of medical marijuana for patients, security at facilities along, and penalties for doctors who wrongly prescribe it.