The Food and Drug Administration have taken to a new assault against medical cannabis with new regulatory changes targeting CBD or Cannabidiol extracts. 

There are no laws against CBD extracts, but the FDA is trying to marginalise a medicine that is the only thing that will treat many rare diseases such as Dravet Syndrome.

CBD is a painkilling chemical that can be extracted from marijuana plants and can treat epilepsy and other illnesses ranging from insomnia to terminal cancer. CBD is quickly gaining in popularity all over the world where pharmaceutical medicines have failed in treating illnesses, due to a lack of negative side effects associated with CBD.

The FDA has posted a ¬†statement on its website which declares CBD as a ‘dietary supplement’. This means that it is unregulated by the FDA and can be openly sold as an alternative therapy.

However, the FDA now want to regulate the CBD extracts as a ‘new drug’ which would mean they can regulate them as they see fit, a possible new assault on CBD extracts.

This has never been certified by congress and the FDA can essentially decide on their own if they want to regulate a substance, just by declaring it as a new drug.