Dr Grinspoon under the scope
87%Overall Score
Dry Mouth91%
Dry Eyes20%
Reader Rating 3 Votes

Dr Grinspoon is a pure sativa, bred by Barney’s Farm in the grandfather capital of pot, Amsterdam.

Harvard professor and advocate for cannabis Lester Grinspoon lends his name to this fantastic heady strain that really shows off the best qualities of a pure sativa.

It is favoured by introspective thinkers and creative professionals as it enhances cerebral activity without the couch lock of anything with indica genetics in it.

The bud itself has a somewhat honey taste to it, and grows as popcorn like buds along the length of the tall sativa plant itself. Because of this, it isn’t a high yielder, and can take 13-14 weeks just to flower fully. Most growers prefer indoor for Dr Grinspoon, to get the best out of a legendary strain.

The biggest complaints? Classic dry mouth, but more uniquely dizziness and paranoia, likely owing to the headyness of the strain

Flavours: Honey, Citrus and Earth notes.

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