Two men are charged with murder and armed robbery in the shooting deaths of two men found in a car outside of a mid-Michigan Wal-Mart store.

Thirty-one year-old Otis Smith and 23-year-old Anthony Holloway were arraigned by video on Tuesday from the Shiawassee County Jail in Corunna. The Grand Rapids men face charges including felony murder, armed robbery and conspiracy.

Smith asked for a court-appointed attorney and Holloway told the court his mother is checking into a lawyer. Both are jailed without bond.

Michigan State Police say a deal to sell marijuana that was arranged online via Craigslist led to the shooting deaths in Caledonia Township. Police say the slayings of the 31-year-old Joseph Carson and 39-year-old Anthony Hammond of Flint came during a robbery. Their bodies were found Friday.

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