A court hearing in Ohio had to be cut short because the defendant was caught with a particularly strong smelling stash in his underwear. 

Judge Bernie Bouchard was forced to stop the session at Hamilton County Municipal Courtroom on Wednesday after the overwhelming stench spread across the room.

Before bringing in drug-sniffing dogs though, he gave the offender the chance to own up.

A man called Darius Dabney came forward and claimed the smell was because he had smoked weed earlier in the morning.

The judge, who clearly knows his stuff, told Dabney that judging by the smell, the weed was fresh, not burnt.

He then adds: ‘I’m finding you in contempt, sir, for coming to court high, wasting the Court’s time, public defender’s time, everybody’s time that’s getting paid here.

‘You can’t enter a plea because you’re not of sound mind, so you’re going to do a day in jail for that on contempt. I’m going to continue your case until tomorrow morning. Your bond is $1,000, anyway.’

Eventually, Dabney gave in and pulled out the stash from his underwear.

But it wasn’t just one small packet of weed.

Dabney pulled out one and a half ounces of it, worth about $500 (£348), according to the average rate for an ounce in Ohio.

When asked why he did it, Dabney said: ‘I forgot it in my car, sir.’

But the judge was not having any of it and said: ‘You forgot it in your underwear.’

He was reportedly due to appear for his initial probation violation on Friday.