Relationships are hard, they take hard work and dedication to make them successful. There is a way to make them a little easier though, and it involves cannabis. 

New information has come to light as to why couples that smoke together, stay together. Cannabis is a natural stress reliever and will calm you down almost immediately. It stops those moments where we might go over the edge and brings us back down to normality.

According to a recent report, domestic violence and abuse are reduced when both partners smoke cannabis. Out of 600 couples, violence was lowest when both partners smoked on a regular basis.


Trust and loyalty are also stronger when both partners use cannabis, according a new study. This mocks years of propaganda that said marijuana would turn people into sex raved lunatics.


Cannabis is also known to make sex better. THC hits the cannabinoid receptor CB1 in the brain, which is coincidentally one of the same systems that makes sex feel so good. So when people are smoking before or during sex, they tend to get more of these receptors fired in the brain, which is what makes high sex so good.

So, it turns out that cannabis really does make everyone a bit loved up after all.