A user on Reddit’s /r/trees community shared a very distressing interaction between him and a few of his close friends who are police officers. /u/cashmoney_x has known these guys for over a decade, and he decided to take this opportunity to ask them some questions.

Glaring Issues With Pot Prohibition Explained By Police Officer

/u/cashmoney_x: “What makes you suspect someone like my brother (23 year old male) of driving high? Are there any signs you look for?” He asked this because his brother was once arrested for this very infraction.

Cop friend: “If a young guy (18-30ish) is driving too perfectly he’s probably high. Especially if it’s late at night.

/u/cashmoney_x: “Wait, what? If he’s driving too good he’s probably high?

Cop friend: “Ya, guys in that age bracket, especially the younger ones, don’t drive that perfectly. If all of a sudden some 19 year old kid with shaggy hair is following every traffic rule to a ‘T’ something’s up.

/u/cashmoney_x: “Huh? You’re saying that guys drive BETTER on pot and that’s a PROBLEM?

Cop friend: “I don’t make the rules, dude; you know that.

That was the full interaction that /u/cashmoney_x shared with the cannabis community on Reddit.

A top comment on the post showed that this isn’t an isolated practice for police.

/u/Gaveuponaname562: “I was driving with my buddy on our way to his bachelor party and a cop decided to tail us. He followed us about 5 miles and repeatedly pulled next to us then behind us. After playing that game for a while he pulled us over. According to him [police officer] he pulled us over because we were driving the speed limit. He thought it was suspicious for 2 heavily tattooed men to be acting so normal. I was F***ing blown away.”

Now, you definitely shouldn’t be driving while smoking, but you also shouldn’t be pulled over just for following the rules of the road.

Original article via thechillbud.com