We all tend to get the munchies after we smoke, but what if you fancy smoking before eating? Well the app Push for Pizza has made that into a reality with their new, amazing invention. 

They recently collaborated with the Nikolas Gregory design studio to create a pretty awesome pizza box. It has a section that comes away and folds into a smokable pipe. It even uses that little plastic piece that keeps the top of your pizza from getting crushed as the bowl of the pipe. No plastic here though, only temperature resistant ceramic.

“It is common to crave food when one gets high. It is also typical practice to order a quick pizza to satisfy this craving. We are aware of these trends and decided to combine these two interests in an actual product,” says Push For Pizza co-founder Cyrus Summerlin.

“The pizza is in hand before the munchies set in, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience without the interminable delay of its delivery or the pain of gnawing hunger,” he adds. “And the pipe comes at no additional cost. Its materials are 100 percent recyclable.”

Is it durable? “The pipe should last a long time,” Summerlin says, who says the pipe has been fully tested. “Unless you are very careless with the flame, it will not burn.”

Unfortunately, for the moment, it is only a prototype. Depending on how well things go though, you may see one at a pizza joint near you.