Canada’s Health Minister used the UN drugs conference to announce that they will make the sale of marijuana legal through legislation to be introduced next year. 

Jane Philpott pledged on Wednesday to keep marijuana “out of the hands of children and profits out of the hands of criminals”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used legalisation for marijuana as one of the focus points of his election campaign.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed for legalisation during his campaign.

“We will work with law enforcement partners to encourage appropriate and proportionate criminal justice measures,” Ms Philpott said. “We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem.”

The government is getting some dissent from outside the party when it comes to legalization, some people believe there hasn’t been enough movement on the subject yet.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told reporters:

“There are thousands and thousands of mostly young people who will have criminal records for the rest of their lives because (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau did not respect his promise to legalise marijuana as soon as he took office,”

Mulcair indicated that if it will take this long to legalise, the government should immediately decriminalise while they sort out a long term solution.

“It’s a massive waste of time, effort and energy of our entire criminal justice system,” he said.