Bubba Kush Under The Scope
82%Overall Score
Dry Mouth97%
Dry Eyes64%
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Bubba Kush is a fine indica strain that is well known in the US and abroad for some extreme couch lock and tranquil effects.

If you’re a fan of old style Moroccan hash then you’ll enjoy the flavours of this resin heavy strain. It combines subtle chocolate flavours with coffee, making an almost roasted taste to the whole plant.

If you’re looking for full body relaxation, then look no further, From your head down to your toes, your muscles will destress themselves as you become entirely stressless.

The plant itself is a dark green to pale purple colour, depending on the growing conditions, and the plant itself is as short and stocky as any indica you’d expect. The parentage of the strain is uncertain though, some have said an OG Kush hybrid father and a Northern Lights mother, but this is one that’s probably lost to the ages.

It doesn’t matter where it’s come from though, it matters where it’s going, and this strain is going places.

You can buy Bubba Kush feminized seeds from Premium Cultivars.