The cannabis seed business is a tricky one in that if you’re ordering them online and in bulk (which many people do) from seed banks, it seems like you can’t guarantee the quality of the seeds, yet you can all but ensure you are getting good quality seeds, providing you order from established companies with years of custom and a reputation which reflects the level of quality in the product.

As with many things, if something seems too good, it likely is. This is why when you see an advert online offering $200 worth of seeds for $100 or £150 worth of seeds for £50 then chances are that this insane ‘offer’ is simply that, insane. Most marijuana seed companies will give away freebies, in fact it’s all but a given that they will, but no good quality seeds have ever been sold with that kind of offer. It’s the difference between McDonald’s and a proper restaurant, yeah you might get more bang for your buck at the former but you don’t wanna take your girlfriend there on Valentine’s day. You’ll end up with a lot of seeds, but likely not much actual marijuana that can be used.

These offers can fool even the veterans of the cannabis industry, with very little critique of these companies in forums or on cannabis publications, these companies are allowed to continue operating based purely upon their profusely low prices, whilst the low quality of their product flies completely under the radar. This is evident if you are to scour reviews, around 60% will be people waxing lyrical about the price and shipping time, whereas a smaller percentage of the reviews reveal the truth, mentioning the germination rates being under 40% and the weakness of the plants if they even manage to germinate.

There’s not many things where I would say it is better to stick to tradition as opposed to accepting the new, however, consumer based industries are one of those things. There is a reason big brands like Levi’s have made jeans for so long just as there is a reason seed suppliers like Gorilla Seeds, Herbies Seeds, The Single Seed Centre and Attitude Seeds have been supplying seeds for such a long time, they sell the best at a reasonable price.