Ayahuasca Purple Under The Scope
80%Overall Score
Dry Mouth92%
Dry Eyes63%
Reader Rating 89 Votes

We’re reviewing Barney’s Farm strain Ayahuasca Purple today. It’s a bright purple strain that was created with the help of a US army veteran.

Ayahuasca Purple was created from a cross of Red River seeds with the notorious Master Kush from Sensi’s White Label seeds that has created a beautiful strain with some strong effects.

It’s 100% indica meaning a short plant with huge dense buds that need support in the final week of flowering to make sure all your hard work is worth it. The effects are a solid body buzz that keeps on soaring. One of the best indicas we’ve tried to date, with strong tastes of hazelnut and papaya.

It’s a slightly longer flowering time than most indicas at 55-65 days but still very short in the grand scheme of things. Outside harvest is in September and comes in at a huge 21% THC as standard.

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