Weed can affect your sleep, and it can both help you get a good night’s rest, and stop you from getting all you need. below are the 5 things you need to know about marijuana and sleep.

CBD and THC affect you very differently

THC can have an adverse effect on sleep, but CBD can actually improve your sleep and make you less sleepy during the day.

The older the weed, the more sleepy it will make you.

THC degrades into CBN (Cannabinol) over time which will make you far more sleepy, so the longer your bud has cured, the more likely it is to make you want to doze.

Cannabis can give you a ‘stone-over’

If you’re smoking late at night, sometime you’ll wake up in the morning with a fog, a head ache and not being quite there. This is a stone-over, and will likely fade away in time. To combat it, drink lots of water, eat healthy, don’t smoke just before going to sleep and get a good 8 hours in.

Cannabis stops you dreaming

People who smoke for an extended period of time and then stop often recall vivid dreams, this is because cannabis stops you from experiencing REM sleep, which is what allows you to dream. This is often why people have problems when trying to have a tolerance break, they have lucid dreams that they aren’t used to which affects their sleep.

Using cannabis when you’re young can affect your sleep for life.

Teenagers, particular those aged under 15 years old can be affected for life by the effects marijuana can have on your sleep. However, studies have mixed results, with some showing that insomniacs are just more likely to use the sedative effects of cannabis to aid their sleep.