Stoners are a fairly relaxed type of people, but that doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want during a smoke sessions. These are five of our readers most hated moves for people to pull while smoking in a group. 

Blowing out the bowl 

When you’re a novice smoker, the last thing you want to do is wrap your lips around the end of the pipe and blow out instead of sucking in. This accomplishes two things, you end up spraying burning weed all over the room and wasting it, and you piss everyone else in the group off. Remember, SUCK DON’T BLOW.

Reminding everyone how high you are

We get it, you’re really high and you’re enjoying yourself. We’re really high too, and we love it, but we don’t need to hear you tell everyone that you’re tripping balls for the 70th time.

Wetting or ‘Oceaning’ the roach

Don’t get your saliva all over the end of a joint, it’s unnecessary and pretty gross. Make sure your lips are dry before you wrap it around the end of the joint, we’re all humans here, not animals, I’m sure you can manage that.

Making people think they’re about to get caught

You’re a funny guy, you make all your friends laugh, and you love playing practical jokes. Remember that time you yelled ‘COPS!’ in the middle of a session? Wasn’t that super funny? No. It wasn’t. You just gave everyone a mild panic attack for no reason and really harshed out everyone’s vibes. That’s why no one wants to smoke with you anymore. Asshole.

Taking a picture of the smoking session and putting it on social media

This should be really obvious why its a bad idea, and yet some one still has to get their phone out while you’re taking a massive bong rip. Most of us have jobs that we’d like to keep, and would prefer our parents not seeing us rip a 3 foot bong. Have some courtesy for your fellow stoners and don’t post pictures on social media without explicit permission. Even better, no phones out during the session.