If the word ‘stoner’ conjures up images of hippies watching cartoons and thugs on the corner with a blunt then it’s a good chance you’re not meeting the majority of people using marijuana today. Those stereotypes are long gone, and their replacements are much more of a cross section of modern society.

We all know that there are some people out there that don’t think too highly of people who smoke marijuana, but here are the five biggest stereotypes that just don’t mean anything anymore.

Stoners are lazy

One of the most popular things to hear from people who are for prohibition. Sure, a strong indica might put you on the sofa for a few hours, but a heady sativa will have you tapping away at the laptop for hours if you’re not a lazy person. We all know that productive stoner who seems to go through the day blazed, but has more done by 11 o’clock than you have got done all day.


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