A Dab is a concentrate of THC and other cannabinoids that are extracted from the flower of the cannabis plant. This is often done using a solvent, which dissolves the cannabinoids so they can be taken out of the plant matter.

However, these are really industrial processes, which means that if done improperly, they can cause some serious problems, like left over butane in your dabs, leading you to inhale chemicals that you really don’t want in your body.

So how can you make sure you’re getting the best dab possible?

Clean dabs


As wax, dabs and shatter are all made with solvents, we need to know that all of the solvent has been evaporated off from the marijuana extract. A good legal store should be able to show you just how much remains in the dab if you ask for a PPM report on the solvents in the dabs. You’re never going to remove all of the solvent but the less the ppm number, then the less solvent in your dab and the cleaner it will be.

Nug vs Trim

Ask your store or dealer how the dabs are being made, is it with nug or trim, nugs contain a lot more THC and thus they usually come out purer than their trim made cousins. So if you’re looking for something stronger, your best bet for a good dab is going for a nug made dab rather than one made with trim.


You should be able to see light coming through a dab, if the colour is solid and you’re not able to see any light coming through, or translucent, then it is possible your dab is contaminated. If you can see any solid specks in the dab, this could be anything from dust to hair or anything else, and you probably don’t want to be smoking it.