There’s nothing worse than trying to roll up but realising you can’t find your grinder. So we’ve put together a list of the three best ways you can grind your bud when you’re in a bind. 

A sharp knife and cutting board

If you’ve got a knife sharp enough, then you can just lay your weed out on a chopping board and go at it as if you were cutting any normal type of herb. Everything will need a good wash afterwards though!

Scissors in a shot glass

You probably all know this one already, if you put your bud in the bottom of a shot glass, and then put the end of the scissors inside and just start chopping, you bud will get chopped to pieces but won’t fly off everywhere. You probably won’t want to drink of out that shot glass again though.

Pill bottle and a dime

By using a medicine or pill bottle, and a clean dime along with you bud, you can drop it all in and then just start shaking. The benefit to this is that you get a nice layer of keif at the bottom of your pill bottle. Good for when you accidentally run out of bud!