1. Increased focus.

Increased dopamine levels caused by ingesting marijuana can help with focus unless dopamine levels rise too high then attention and focus may be thrown off. Micro-dosing works best for those seeking focus from their marijuana.

2. Better sleep.

As many know the common symptom of overdosing on marijuana is sleep. It’s easier to fall asleep, and the rest feels more quality. According to a study on the THC’s effect on sleep, THC causes smokers to have less REM sleep and more deep sleep which provides you with more energy come morning.

3. Decreases anxiety.

Stress might mean a reduction in Anandamide, which is a chemical naturally produced in the human body responsible for keeping anxiety down. When our bodies become stressed, or anxiety begins, enzymes that get rid of anandamide are produced. However, some of the active chemicals in marijuana prevent the enzymes from attacking the bodies anandamide levels. 

4. Everything is hilarious.

Almost everyone who has ever tried pot has had a case of the giggles. Deputy director of NORML, Paul Armentano has an explanation for this: “Cannabinoids, THC in particular, alter mood because they activate receptors that are concentrated in various parts of the brain that regulate mood control.” Weed can elevate your mood, and this may be the cause for reported cases of the giggles.


5. Food tastes way better.

After your first time feeling the munchies kick in you may have been excited to find out how much better food tastes like all your friends said it would. The reason behind munchies is that marijuana affects the brain’s cannabinoid receptors in a way that causes an enhanced sense of smell which then stimulates appetite. Our sense of smell and taste are closely connected to the point where people who lack a sense of smell usually have a decreased or no ability to taste. This would explain why the enhanced sense of smell caused by ingesting marijuana simultaneously makes the taste of food more intense.

. Pain relief.

CBD, the non-psychoactive component in marijuana is known to be effective in treating pain and inflammation. This may be the reason many patients in medically legal states are turning to marijuana as an alternative to painkillers.

7. Last longer in bed.

Premature ejaculation with a new partner is common because of the anxiety that may be involved when having sex with a person for the first time. Marijuana’s ability to decrease anxiety and cause relaxation then is likely the reason smokers report more stamina in bed while high.

8. Sex.

“Most people who’ve experienced it think that cannabis makes sex better. Some even consider it a mild aphrodisiac. It tends to increase sexual pleasure as it may lower inhibitions, slow down time, induce relaxation, make people more aware of touch and senses, and help to focus on the present moment. Orgasms may not be more intense, but the experience may seem more sensual. ” -Mikki Norris of Cannabis Consumers Campaign. So the orgasm may not be more intense, but it surely feels that way when high.

9. Orgasms

It’s common for women to have a harder time achieving orgasm than men. 1 in 3 women finds it hard to orgasm during sex. According to Dr. Mitch Earleywine, professor of psych at SUNY Albany told NY Mag “that CB1 receptor seems to be involved with improved tactile sensations and general euphoria.” Meaning cannabis can increase physical stimulation.

10. It can make you more social.

Research shows that weed can help people relax from social anxiety. I mean who smokes and hasn’t made a friend passing a joint or bong?